Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Price Questions

How much does a one week rental cost?

Prices vary from season to season, and from unit to unit, so a quote by phone, or by e- mail is the best way to go.

Is there a minimum amount of time that we have to rent?

Our minimum rental is 3 nights. There may be extended minimums over Holidays and during special events in which case the minimum may range from 4 to 10 nights per rental.

Is mileage included in the rental cost?

One day’s rental gets you 100 free kilometers. There is a mileage charge per kilometer after this of 25 cents per kilometer. Of season, specials may apply.

What deposit is required?

Upon confirmation, a $200 reservation down payment is charged to your credit card. This deposit will be applied toward your rental charges. A damage deposit of $1,000.00 is required at the time of departure. This can be placed on your Visa or Master card by way of a funds hold.

Is there a charge for the generator?

Yes. The generator charge is $3 per hour. You can save on this expense by staying in locations that have electrical hookups and not leaving the generator running when you are not in the vehicle.

Besides the rental cost are there any other charges I will incur?

There is tax on the rental charges and any extras you order. The generator fee is $3 per hour and will be collected upon return of the rental. You will also be asked to pay fuel and cleaning/dumping deposits using a portion of your damage deposit if this is necessary. There is a line on the rental form that says “setup fee is waived to damage deposit”. This just means that if the unit needs an extra amount of cleaning (i.e.- the carpets were returned with mud imbedded) or if the holding tanks needed emptying, or the gas or propane needed filling, there will be an extra charge. If this open policy scares you, an upfront setup fee of $150.00 can be used. But if the unit is returned dirty, the damage-cleaning deposit can still be used.

How do I pay for the rental?

Valley RV Rentals requests that all payment be done with a major credit card. We only accept alternative forms of payment on a individual basis. If you wish to tender payment with anything other than a straight credit card (Cash, cashiers check, money order, or travelers check) for any portion of the payment, you must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen and agree to and pass a credit check. We require at least 4 business days notice, prior to pick up, to process the credit check.

What if I return the vehicle before the date it is due?

No refunds will be made for early returns, late pick ups or unused miles.

What if I am late in returning the vehicle?

The vehicle is overdue after 11:00 AM on the date of return. A fee of $25 per hour will be charged for each hour you are late. Please notify the rental center if you will be late in returning.

How much does it cost to stay in campgrounds?

Campground rates vary based on time of year and what facilities they offer. Generally you can expect to pay between $10 and $50 per night.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation up to 30 business days prior to the pickup date and you will be refunded your reservation down payment. With less notice you will forfeit your reservation down payment.

Technical Questions

What kind of gas mileage will we get?

Mileage depends on the size of the motorhome, how you drive and the driving conditions. Generally, you will get between 7 and 11 miles per gallon.

Do I need a special driver’s license to drive a motorhome?

All you need is to be 21 years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s license. No special endorsement is needed.

When can I pick up the motorhome?

we are a family based business and we are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The normal pick up time is between 1 and 4 p.m. and the normal return time is between 9 and 11 a.m. Over the weekend, special arrangements can be made. The time of pick up may be earlier than 1-4 p.m. Before you finalize any plans for pick up or return on the weekend, please confirm the hours of operations with us.

Is it difficult to drive a motorhome?

Motorhomes, handle much like a truck. Common sense dictates that they are a large vehicle and drive somewhat different than a truck, but with a little practice and instruction you will soon feel at home behind the wheel.

Are Motorhomes difficult to hook up?

No. At departure you will be given a 30-60 minute familiarization tour and learn how to hook up the utilities and operate appliances, and a video is usually available.

Can I tow my car or boat behind the motorhome?

We do allow towing with all sizes of our motorhomes. Some motorhomes are equipped with a receiver hitch, so you would need to provide your own tow bar. We allow a maximum tongue weight of 200 lbs. and a maximum gross weight of 2500 lbs. Towing also costs $12 per day extra. You will need to inform us of your intentions to tow, so we can reserve a motorhome specifically with a receiver hitch.

Inside The Motorhome

Does the motorhome come equipped with pots and pans?

Yes, the motorhome comes with basic pots, pans and cookware.

Personal items are available with prior notice. Towels, face cloths, sheets, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags are some of the items that can be included at an extra cost.

Does the motorhome come with a TV, VCR or stereo?

Yes- a TV and VCR are included, and there is an AM/FM radio with a cassette player in the dash.

Are pets allowed in the Motorhomes?

We do allow pets in the Motorhomes. If you travel with a pet, an additional damage deposit may be required up to $300 (at the discretion of the local rental center). Upon return of the vehicle, if it doesn’t require any special cleaning or repairs, the damage deposit is fully refundable.

Is there a limit to how many people can ride in the motorhome?

Each unit has a certain amount of seat belts.

We realize that our customers use our vehicles for many purposes:

  • As a comfortable means of travel not sleeping in them
  • For “spare bedrooms” and not drive them.
  • For on-site hospitality at special events like automobile races.
  • As mobile offices.
  • The possible uses are as numerous as your needs
  • In addition to many uses, there are a myriad of Federal, State and Local ordinances they may restrict the use of may be in conflict, and we are not responsible for these things.

Lastly there are no universal standards they apply to Recreational vehicles.

We understand the confusion these situations create. Therefore, Valley RV Rentals recommends the following:

Never exceed the maximum capacity as posted in the actual vehicle you will be using. Maximum capacity includes the vehicle, all fluids, all occupants and their gear.
All passengers should use the provided seat belts. The total number of seat belts will vary according the vehicle and according to the floor plan of the actual vehicle you are using.

Child safety seats should be used where applicable. The installation and use of these seats should follow the recommendation of the child seat manufacturer.
Areas designed only for sleeping should not be occupied while the vehicle is in motion.
The vehicle should be properly secured prior to travel. This includes locking the doors and dead-bolting them where applicable. Stow the entry step and secure the outside compartments.

We ask that you use good judgment and prudence in your decisions. Walk around the vehicle to make sure everything is stowed properly.



Are there facilities close to the rental center where we can purchase supplies, propane and dispose of holding tank contents?

Our staff at the rental center will be glad to direct you to the closest shopping center, fueling facilities and waste treatment center. Local travel or tourist information centers have this information.

Can we leave our luggage at the rental location?

Often this is not a problem, but again, check with us. Anything left at the rental center is at your own risk.

Destinations Of Travel

Are we allowed to travel into Canada (or vice versa)?

Canadian registered RV’s may enter the US and return to Canada without problem.

Are we allowed to travel into Mexico?

Valley RV Rentals allow travel into Mexico with its Motorhomes, however there are restrictions. Travel into mainland Mexico is limited to within the northern states of Mexico contiguous to the US border. If the motorhome is taken beyond the northern states of Mexico, it will void the contract. The primary contract holder would be personally liable for any damage, accident, or breakdown. Also, Renter is responsible for insurance coverage beyond Canada and the USA.

Fantasy Caravans offers planned tours throughout Mexico and if you travel with them on an escorted tour you can go anywhere in Mexico. Their telephone number is 1-800-952-8496 and their Web address is

Can we travel one way to our destination or do we have to travel round trip?

One Way reservations are available if prior arrangements have been made. Renter will likely be responsible for an airline ticket and wages for an employee to retrieve the motorhome.

Is it possible to travel in the winter in the colder areas of the US?

Yes, however, in locations with harsh winter weather, our motorhomes are “winterized” from approximately November to March. This means we have drained the water and holding tanks, and filled them with antifreeze. This will prevent the tanks and pipes from freezing and bursting. If you chose to have your rental motorhome “de-winterized” (so that you can use your sink, shower, and toilet) it will cost $75. You will need to exercise extreme care while traveling in a “de-winterized” motorhome during frigid weather. You will need to run the heater at all times to protect the tanks and pipes from freeze damage, or in extreme cases you would need to put antifreeze in the water and holding tanks (by doing so, you could only use the toilet). If the pipes or tanks were damaged from freezing, it is considered negligent damage and you would have to pay for the repairs. If you have any more questions on the rental policies during winter, please contact us.

Are there any places we cannot take the motorhome?

Yes. Travel in Death Valley and other desert areas are not allowed during the hot months. Also vehicles are not allowed on logging or other nonpublic roads such as the Apache Trail in Arizona. Travel off paved roads are restricted and any damage to the vehicle as a result will be charged to your damage deposit.

What kind of facilities might a campground offer?

A partial list of commonly found facilities would include: electric, water, sewer hookups, washer, dryer, swimming pool, playground, BBQ pits, on-site convenience store.

Do you plan itineraries for trips?

Sorry, we do not have specific information on points of interest or itineraries. For that type of information, we recommend you contact “Tracks and Trails”. Their e-mail address and their phone number is 1-800-247-0970. For information on campgrounds, we recommend that you check with Woodalls. Their web site .For guided caravan tours contact Fantasy Caravans 1-800-952-8496 or on their web site


Motor Home Questions

Do you have baby car seats and cribs available?

No. Please plan to bring your own car seats.

Is it safe to drink the water from the motorhome tank?

No, we do not recommend this. It is difficult to know if the water is potable when you fill the tank at a variety of locations. We recommend you use bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water from the tank is fine for washing and bathing.

What if I am involved in an accident?

You must notify Valley RV Rentals within 24 hours of an accident and make a full report in writing as well as file a police report.

What if the motorhome breaks down?

We provide a 24-hour toll free travelers assistance line. All repairs in excess of $75 must have prior approval from our customer service department. The toll free number is 877-654-2377.

Is there a ladder so we can get on the roof?

We do not recommend that you use a ladder if there is one for your own safety. There is no railings for safety on the roof, and the ladders are there for us to perform inspections only. If the roof is used, it is at your own risk.

Are there bike racks?

Yes. There is some availability. Check with the us before you come to pick up a motorhome or We can suggest a place to rent them.

Are levelers provided?


Miscellaneous Questions

Can you pick me up/ drop me off at the airport?

You must arrange your own transportation to and from the airport. You may call the rental center where you are picking up for recommendations of transit options.

Can I park my car at your rental center while we travel?

Parking is very limited. Call in advance to see if they can accommodate you. If you are allowed to park, it is at your risk entirely. Keys must be left with us in case the unit needs to be moved.